Xiaomi has been one of the leading smartphone manufacturers for the past few years. Besides smartphones, Xiaomi has also expanded into various other consumer electronics such as smart TVs, smartwatches, and more. With such a vast range of products under its brand, it's not surprising that they have adopted an efficient mechanism to identify and track all these devices. Xiaomi uses an array of serial numbers and codes, and among them, the most important one is the IMEI number. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about Xiaomi device IMEI numbers and the warranty that comes with them.

What is an IMEI number?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It's a unique 15-digit number assigned to mobile devices that helps identify and track them in various scenarios. IMEI numbers are indispensable when it comes to reporting phone theft, activating a new phone, and verifying the warranty status of a device.


Why is the IMEI number important for Xiaomi devices?

Xiaomi uses the IMEI number to monitor the usage of its devices, verify the authenticity of devices, and track devices under warranty. Xiaomi devices have their IMEI number written on the original packaging box and engraved on the device itself. The IMEI number is also stored in the system information settings.


How to check the IMEI number of Xiaomi devices?

There are several ways to check the IMEI of a Xiaomi device. To find the IMEI on a smartphone, dial *#06# on the phone's dialer app, and the 15-digit code will appear on the screen. Another way to check the IMEI number of Xiaomi devices is to go to the "About Phone" section in the Settings app and look for "Status" or "IMEI Information." It's worth noting that the method for checking the IMEI number on different Xiaomi products such as smartwatches, routers, and TV's may vary.


Xiaomi device warranty and IMEI numbers

Xiaomi warranties for its devices are classified into two categories- the standard warranty and the extended warranty. The standard warranty period is 12 months, and the extended warranty period may vary with the product. To avail of these warranties, the device owner must produce their proof of purchase, which must have the IMEI number mentioned. The IMEI number is used to verify the authenticity of the Xiaomi device and also to check whether the device is within the warranty period or not.


In certain countries, it's mandatory to register the IMEI number of mobile devices with the government to avoid counterfeit products from flooding the market. The Chinese government, for example, requires all mobile devices sold in the country to be registered with their system using the IMEI number.


In conclusion, the IMEI number plays a crucial role in the identification and verification of Xiaomi devices. It's used to track the usage of devices, verify their authenticity and check whether the device is still under warranty or not. Xiaomi warranties offer peace of mind to its customers from the time of purchase, and IMEI numbers are the key to availing these warranties. Next time you purchase a Xiaomi product, be sure to register your IMEI number and keep it safe to ensure you're fully protected by Xiaomi's warranty policies.


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